ALL PURPOSE CHAOS FOREVER is an exercise in creating wearable paintings. To be hung on the shoulders as well as the wall. Sustainable and upcycled materials, poetic intent, and care since 2016 when it began in the suburbs of South Florida. Currently based in the Mid-Atlantic. Reflections on daily fantasies, observations, and iconography.


Wash inside-out with cold water, dry on low heat.

All colors are heat-set, and will naturally fade over time with wear, wash, and exposure to sunlight.


Every shirt is one of a kind and we do not stock multiple sizes or quantities of any shirt (for now). To make my practice more sustainable and to keep up with orders, I am experimenting with screen printing in multiples and hand-coloring them so they are still unique.

If you would like to place an order for a shirt similar to one you've seen, please  keep in mind that no shirts will be identical. 

For commissions and other inquiries, send mail to:


Neu Banal    (Japan)

Kathleen    (LA)


Photography by Christian Michael Filardo